Float type drain trap : FD2-G3 / FD6-G1 / FD-10-A

Disc type drain trap : AD-5-G7

Differential pressure gauge : DG-50 (A)


Float type drain trap FD2-G3 / FD6-G1 / FD-10-A

  • Draining without air loss

Disc type drain trap AD-5-G7

  • Adjustable draining interval

Differential pressure gauge DG-50 (A)

  • Pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet are shown on a single indicator.

  • Ideal for differential pressure control of filter elements.


Auto drain trap

Model Float type Disc type
FD2-G3 FD6-G1 FD-10-A AD-5-G7
Max. drain flow capacity*1 10 cm3/each 30 cm3/each 80 cm3/each 450L/h
Operating water pressure (Gauge pressure) MPa 0.1~1.0 0.20~1.0 0.29~1.0
Operating temperature range 2~60
Processing fluid Compressed air
Drain release method Float type Disc type
Pipe connections Inlet Rc1/2
Drain outlet Hose nipple*2 Rc3/8 Rc1/2
Mass kg 0.3 0.45 1 1.7
External dimensions (Height x Length x Width) mm External diameter Φ63 × Length 178 External diameter Φ80 × Length 201 External diameter Φ96 × Length 193 External diameter Φ86 × Length 198


*1. Drain conditions: Air pressure (Gauge pressure) of 0.69MPa.
*2. Please use nylon air tube with a internal diameter of φ5.7 - φ6.0 (External φ8) when connecting with a tube.


Differential pressure gauge

Model DG-50(A)
Max. working pressure (Gauge pressure) Mpa 1.0
Pressure difference indication range (Gauge pressure) Mpa 0~0.15
Pipe connections   R1/4
External dimensions (External diameter x Length) mm Φ70×43
Mass kg 0.5
Accessories Nylon tube   External diameter Φ4mm × L1000mm
Straight fitting   R1/4×Φ4mm (For tube)
Elbow joint   R1/4×Φ4mm (For tube)