Cooling capacity



Operating Ambient Temp. Range



Operating Liquid Temp. Range



Control Accuracy


±0.1 ℃


No Trade-Off between Low Energy and High Accuracy Control -- Now Orion Offers Both!

Our inverter controlled compressor responds to fluctuating workloads linearly, achieving highly accurate
temperature control while using the least amount of energy.
Plus, thanks to Orion's distinctive capacity control system, accurate temperature control can still be
maintained during normally difficult to control low load situations.

(User can choose between "High-accuracy" and "Energy saving" modes in response to low-load conditions.)



As much as 65% Energy Savings Possible


Temperature Control Accuracy to ±0.1 °C*

Even compared with power saving ON/OFF type chillers, our DC Inverter control models offer energy savings of 30 % at full load.

And when compared with temperature-stable hot gas bypass or PID proportional valve controlled chillers, a 65 % reduction in energy requirements is possible.



Precise control even for applications that have severe temperature management requirements.

Its extreme versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including precision-production-use lasers, analysis devices, semiconductor manufacturing, and many others.

※ Under stable load and ambient temperature.



Model RKE2200B1-V-G2
Performance  Compressor output (50Hz) HP 2.3
Cooling capacity (50Hz)*1 KW 8.7
TR 2.5
BTU/h 29,600
Ambient Temp. Range -5~43
Working temperature range (Liquid temperature) 5~35
Control accuracy*4 ±0.1 (Stable load/ambient temperature/power supply)
±0.5 (Load fluctuating within ± 10% of the current load)
Min. operating circulation rate (50/60Hz) L/min 28/43 (Head 50m)
Power specification Power source*2 V(Hz) Three-phase 200±10%(50/60), 220±10%(60)
Power consumption*1 kW 4.6/4.7, 4.7
Electric current*1 A 16/17, 17
Power capacity*3 kVA 6.5
Breaker capacity A


Current sensitivity 30mA high-speed type

Operation control method  

Compressor revolution control

Equipment detail Refrigerating compressor Structure   Fully sealed rotary type (Inverter-driven)
Output kW 1.7
Condenser   Fin and tube forced air cooling
Heat exchanger Structure   Plate type heat exchanger
Material   SUS316 (Brazing: Cu)
Discharge pump Structure   Cascade type
Output kW 0.75
Water tank capacity L Approx. 20
Refrigerant   R-410A
External dimensions (Height x Length x Width) mm 1080×970×530
Product mass (Dry weight) kg 140
Operating noise level (50/60Hz)*5 dB 62/64


*1 For operation on air-cooled machines when the chilled water temperature is 20 °C and the ambient temperature is 32 °C. Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures.
*2 Power supply voltage phase imbalance shall be maintained to within ±3%.
*3 Max. electric current upon operating under the shown specification.
*4 Exclude cases such as, at start-up, whenever the cooling load is low, or whenever turning the compressor ON-OFF
*5 Operation noise shown is of frontward 1m , and a height of 1m.
*6 Overload protection combination circuit breaker is built-in as a standard feature.
Note 1) Recommended fluid (Cooling water) for the device is pure water, or industrial ethylene glycol solution with 30 - 40% concentration. Please use Aurora brine, or Nybrine Z-1 as the industrial ethylene glycol. Electrical conductivity shall be 1µS/cm or lower for the pure water. If you may wish to use the 30 - 40% lowly concentrated ethylene glycol solution, please be informed that the cooling capacity drops by approximately 10%.
Note 2) Equipment exhaust heat rate (kW) is approximately 1.3 times of the cooling capacity.

External Dimensions

Cooling Capacity

Pump characteristics curve